($XXII) 22nd Century Groups Gets NYSE Approval, VIRTU is DMM

($XXII) 22nd Century Groups Gets NYSE Approval, VIRTU is DMM

22nd Century group, a biotech firm that specializes in the DNA reconstruction of tobacco plants to be used in the smoking cessation process announced yesterday that it has cleared the hurdles required to list on the NYSE, Virtu will be the DMM:

22nd Century Group, Inc. (OTCQB:XXII)
today announced that the Company received approval to list its common stock on the NYSE MKT. Trading on the NYSE MKT is expected to commence on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 under the Company’s current symbol, XXII. In connection with this NYSE MKT listing, 22nd Century Group will cease trading on the OTCBB and OTCQB….[Read More Here]

22nd Century is a Buffalo based firm and aside from trying to find value looking at metrics of growth or debt sensitivity will make you nuts.  XXII has its Alpha inside of it’s technology, the same technology that was verified when British American Tobacco signed a business/re-licensing agreement.  

I’m standing by this stock.  I met with the management guys and have seen both operations in Buffalo, I haven’t traveled to NASCO facility but this operation is legit and the technology is outrageously valuable.  I would seriously consider your risk levels and take a gander at grabbing exposure sooner than later.  What’s more important is that management has experience selling another tobacco firm to one of the big tobacco players.

I’ll cover more over the weekend.   In the meantime, I’m takign today off and going shooting and riding out at my family’s land with a buddy.  Enjoy NFP and Twitter Hate, at least I won’t be there to add more to the disintegration of Twitter’s effort to bring us together.

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