White House Policy Mistakes Explained (In One Cartoon)

White House Policy Mistakes Explained (In One Cartoon)

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People talk about ‘legalising’ weed. You don’t want to legalize it, since that means the STATE has to legitimize it.

You just need them to decriminlize (i.e. DE-regulate) it, and let the market work.

I wonder if they just decrminlized weed in Mexico, I’d posit the drug cartels would be out of business in 6 months. If weed sells for $5 a joint, who’d want to run guns and risk death for a $5 joint?

Now if only the rest of the damn country would grow up and realise decriminalizing weed doesn’t mean we CONDONE or ENCOURAGE it. It should still be restricted from children, and there should be consequences if you drive while impaired (be it a cellphone, a hamburger, alcohol or a joint).

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