Venezuela Accuses AFP Of “Manipulating” News Coverage; Shuts Down Colombian TV Station

Venezuela Accuses AFP Of “Manipulating” News Coverage; Shuts Down Colombian TV Station

Having described Venezuela as “absolutely calm” today – when it was anything but; the fact that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has the stones to accuse Agence France Press of “manipulating” news coverage is stunning.


Furthermore, Maduro has taken a TV station off-air that competed with Telesur (the state-owned TV station). Of course, we should not worry as Maduro has explained the violence is all protesters’ fault and that he will propose his “peace plan” tomorrow.

Via Bloomberg,

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro asked his information minister in a national address to take unspecified actions against AFP France Press. Maduro accused AFP of “manipulating” news coverage

Decision to take Colombian TV station NTN24 off the air in Venezuela was made by the government, Maduro says

“The NTN24 station tried to compete with Telesur and yesterday created confusion about the possibility of a coup. Off the air”: Maduro

I denounce AFP for manipulating information, and I’ve asked the information minister to speak clearly with their correspondents”: Maduro (Telesur is TV network owned by Venezuelan government)

And here is Maduro presenting his perspective of the troublemakers from his Twitter account:

And yet he also told us that things were “absolutely calm”?

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