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Twitter Trolling Continues: Sanctioned “Gray Cardinal Of The Kremlin” Responds To Obama

By March 17, 2014No Comments

Update: it appears that Surkov Twitter account is a fake. Which is unfortunate, since we are confident it captures his real feelings accurately. We do have this response, however, from the Russian house speaker, which is certainly real: RUSSIAN UPPER HOUSE SPEAKER MATVIYENKO SAYS U.S. SANCTIONS AFFECTING HER ARE “POLITICAL BLACKMAIL” – INTERFAX

* * *

Earlier we showed what Russia’s deputy Prime Minister thought of Obama’s sanctions (not much). Now, it is the turn of the first and allegedly most important person on the White House’s list of sanctioned Russians in response to the Ukraine referendum, the infamous Vladislav Surkov, also known as the “gray cardinal” of the Kremlin, to opine. His “statement” to Obama needs no clarification.

And this surprisingly accurate statement:

For the general amusement and entertainment of everyone, we hope that the twitter wars continue. We also truly hope that all this trolling gets Obama to Tweet something more than just relentless Obamacare propaganda.

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