[Turkish Army|Syrian Rebels] Said To Down Syrian [Jet|Helicopter] By Turkey-Syria Border

[Turkish Army|Syrian Rebels] Said To Down Syrian [Jet|Helicopter] By Turkey-Syria Border

A flurry of headlines suggesting the Syrian situation may not be contained, after Turkish media report a Syrian jet crashed 400 meters away from the Syrian-Turkey border.


It also appears the crash was not self-inflicted. Moments ago, Turkey’s Today’s Zaman adds that “Turkish army has downed a Syrian fighter jet in Hatay on the Syrian border.” Has Turkey, which has been spoiling for regime change in Syria (just think of all the fringe benefits if and when the Qatari pipeline finally crosses Syria and enters Turkey), grown tired of waiting for a decisive false flag, and decided to take matters into its own hands?

And now a completely different story from TZ:

Syrian opposition fighters have reportedly shot down a Syrian helicopter, which fell 400 meters away from the Turkish border.  Reports indicate that the opposition fighters also shot dead two pilots after they catapulted  themselves after their chopper was hit.

In other words, nobody knows what is going on. Just buy stocks cause the Wall Street uber dove is gone.

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