Tom Perkins Regrets Holocaust Comments, Says “Let The Rich Do What The Rich Do… Get Richer”

Tom Perkins Regrets Holocaust Comments, Says “Let The Rich Do What The Rich Do… Get Richer”

Following his WSJ letter comparing the “progressive war on the 1% in America” to fascist Nazi Germany persecution of the Jews and “just as Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930, the descendant ‘progressive’ radicalism in American thinking is unthinkable now“, Tom Perkins appeared on Bloomberg TV to explain himself. His first step was to As far as Perkins is concerned Kleiner Perkins disavowal of his Op-Ed is them “throwing him under the bus” and missing the warning that any time a majority

Perkins goes on to note that his partner Kleiner fled Austria and Hitler and would have agreed with him…

CHANG: All right. Well let’s talk a little bit about the solution here. You mentioned your friend Eugene Kleiner, the late Eugene Kleiner, fled Austria, fled Hitler. Do you think he would have agreed with you?

PERKINS: Yes, I think he would have because I – I was not talking about the Nazis. I was talking about the persecution of a minority by the majority. And Kleiner always distrusted those sorts of trends in American politics.

CHANG: You have conservatives out there though like Marc Andreessen calling you leading A-hole in the state.

PERKINS: Yes. It wasn’t a very nice word. And considering that he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him, I don’t think he’s entitled to his opinion. If he knew me, perhaps. Paul Krugman called me crazy in today’s New York Times.

CHANG: Paul Krugman also pointed out that rising income inequality can have very negative economic and financial consequences in the sense that if there is – if it leaves us more economically vulnerable and the people who are rich can’t pay for stuff, then everyone suffers.

PERKINS: Well, just what you said is such a contradiction of intermixed ideas. He won the Nobel prize in economics. I can’t argue economics with him, but to demonize the job creators is crazy and to demonize the rich who spend and buy things and stimulate the economy is crazy. I heard on the news hour with – gosh, name escapes me. Anyway, New York Times, and they got into a discussion about the idiocy of Rolex watches and why does any man need a Rolex watch and it’s a symbol of – of terrible values and it’s – et cetera. Well, I think that’s a little silly. This isn’t a Rolex {it’s a Richard Mille}. I could buy a six pack of Rolexes for this, but so what?

CHANG: You were called the king of Silicon Valley I believe at one point. How would you describe yourself?

PERKINS: I certainly have enough arrogance to be royal, but I – I’m an old man. I look back upon my career with great happiness. I think I’ve accomplished a lot. If I had to do it again, I don’t know what I’d change. And I’m at peace with myself. And the fact that everybody now hates me is part of the game. And I’m sorry about that, but that isn’t what I meant to do.

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