Thursday Humor – Friday Jobs Preview

Thursday Humor – Friday Jobs Preview

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As on other message boards during the last 5 days, there are many new names on here and they work in unison.  There was said to be new owners of ZH.  Maybe that is it because the tone of the site has changed to one of tolerance and acceptance, just like a person contemplating suicide.  Repulsive in a Fight club setting is resignation to the present day situation. 

As a species that has evolved, this is not the first time we have ended up here and will not be the last.  but the fight to survive is required.  This is insanity.  Insanity is unsustainable.  The elitists set on creating this exclusive club to run the world, them, without a vote, is a ticket for disaster.  Their silencing the masses through oppression will drown ideas that could change the way we live, from surviving a nuclear disaster to how to survive an asteroid impact.  A human being is more than an eater and producer/consumer of goods; he has ideas and one of those ideas gave us the vaccine for polio, among a million other discoveries.

If it is true that there is a nuclear arsenal designed to be used if a particular forieign policy is interferred with may be the explanation, along with tactical maneuvers one would find psychopaths who have obsessed compulsively of Ruling The World, that being their one and only goal, to be supreme rulers who never face opposition or the threat of competition (replaced). 

(apologies for typoes – New Windows8 computer – and the keyboard appears to have other plans when I type; the mouse appears to come alive and I find my typing not registering or I am now in the middle of a sentence in another paragraph.  Very poor design.  It a HP Pavilion.

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