THe SiaMeSe TWiNS oF PLaNeT PoNZi…

THe SiaMeSe TWiNS oF PLaNeT PoNZi…

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Dang Bill, here I was all fired up for you to be displaying all kindz’ o’ “twins”.  You know, the visual combat kinda’  “twins” that we had come to … er … oh, yes “enjoy for their artistic values”.  Yep.

y’know, with all of your fine art ‘n shit if u gonna b the one to provide the masses with the motivation to go in the correct direction, then, well, you gotta’ give the incentive.  And I (we all) know that you have the ability.

That is, of course, if you are being compelled to get “higher class” in your messaging 😉

Keep it up (so to speak) dude!

– Ned

{the prurient interests also snag the individuals who can then become more aware, especially when the blood goes back from the little head back to the thinking head}

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