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Ya know, with all respect to the soul of the usurper in our sacred office of President, there may be about two cents of a real man in that heart who is still able to change the rest of his 98% into some great soul that CAN still be forgiven for the historical atrocities committed so far. It will take a lot of repenting, truth telling, and the sudden snipping of his puppet-strings to step up to the plate to DO the right things for America, for that real change talked about. In doing so, all could be forgiven. He needs only call the faithful of the real Christ Principle to his side for protection, and the real Swords of Truth and Light to implement his righteous direction.

There are a great many GOOD things a real President in his full capacities power could do for not only his own country, but also for the world. One of the first and most important things in a alcoholics recovery is making amends. We all have reasons to make amends. It is part of the self-inflicted healing, and also the beginning of the path to eternal salvation. Here is a good place to start the reckoning.…

We as a specie are at the precipice of making that command decision as a whole for the greater glory, or the annihilation of our kind. This is a class decision, not that of a few demented and yet still forgivable groups. Imagine if the Rothschild and Rockefeller folks decided to put all their monies, time, educations, technologies, industries, and right-up conscious heart energies into helping mankind, ending all wars, and improving the lives of every soul on board the earth ship. Just go ahead and embrace that for a second or six, and then imagine it can all still be done again.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing and when the Soul overcomes material addictions like the al-kill-hol monster that may be good for most, but not so good for some, it is the greatest self-respecting of you the eternal soul one can give to themselves. There is nothing like the freedom from the evil within our own minds.

Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us…including us.

Lead us not into temptation Oh Lord My God…rather…deliver us from the evil within ourselves.

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