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Well there are indeed people continuingly addressing the Fukushima disaster along with WB7’s sharp pictorial essays, Tyler of ZH as well making ongoing postings, and some people from Japan near ground zero writing in English too

Tho indeed it is not a focus of mainstream – lamestream media

It is clearly enormously catastrophic … At the extreme of the dark and yet darker assessments, is a columnist on nuclear issues at Veterans Today, Bob Nichols, who sometimes says he fears Fukushima is actually extinction-level, already past hope of remedy, and that the human race will not survive past the next few decades …

Maybe Nichols’ pessimism has become a runaway train and hopefully he is wrong … but the gravity of the problem doubtless justifies considering the possibility

Here are Nichols’ articles on VT including his many Fukushima pieces, most recently ‘Fukushima Equals 6,000 Hiroshima Bombs Today’

Makes me think of the end of the world in that great 1959 film ‘On the Beach’ about people in Australia being the last ones on earth, and waiting to die themselves when the fallout from global nuclear war hits them too

Great film with a beautiful musical score weaving a poignant theme out of the Aussie favourite ‘Waltzing Matilda’

The US gov’t almost blocked the film because of its story showing we could all die from what the government was doing with nukes

In the final moments of the movie, an American submarine sails away from Oz so the crew can die in an already-extinguished America, the captain leaving his lady love in Australia behind … but both have a mere matter of days left to live anyway

Short clip with the finale scene of the film … people looking into the sunshine in reflective moments just before the death of themselves, and of everyone … beautiful music, and one of the great scenes of all cinema: