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We need Shock and Awe RICO prosecutions and mass trials in style of the Maxiprocesso (Maxi Trial) of the Mafia in Sicily during the mid-1980s that resulted in hundreds of defendants convicted

Thanksgiving prayer at Goldman Sachs Board meeting in office of CEO Lloyd Blankfein, based on unconfirmed transcript from an unreliable source: 

“Bless Ben Bernanke for giving us a lifeline when we were about to sink like rock in September 2008. Bless Ben for taking us drowning, scared multimillionaires into the Federal Reserve family by approving our application to be a bank holding company, and for waiving the pesky waiting period to review our application and perform due diligence. Bless Ben and his NY Fed family for all the other multibillion dollar “accommodations” they have bestowed on Goldman Sachs in the following years of tribulation and fibulation.”

“Thank Hank Paulson, our Godfather, for killing our competitors Bear Stearns and Lehman, for knee capping Merrill Lynch, for saving our behinds from billions of $ of counterparty risk at Fannie, Freddie, and AIG. Thank Hank, truly a family man, for allowing the Goldman Sachs family to control key positions at the U.S. Treasury and to advise him on how best to fleece the taxpayers. Hank, every Thanksgiving we kneel before you and kiss your ring. 

“Bless Obama for giving us Bernanke, Geithner, Holder, and four jail-free years to harvest what we can from investors, pension funds, municipal, state, and federal vaults, and turkey shoots of widows and orphans. I shudder to recall Thanksgiving 2008. We had every reason to think that Obama, the new Heralded Reformer, would prosecute the rampant crimes of Wall Street. We worried our financial engineering would be misunderstood before a jury of mere mortals. We feared spending the next 20 years in federal prison sharing cells with Bubba and disgruntled investors.

“But God works in mysterious ways, and may I say, since 2008 in miraculous ways. Yes, it is a miracle…Obama converted to our side. Truly a conversion of Biblical proportions. 

“Let us give thanks. Bush gave us the U.S. Government Seal of Approval as Too Big To Fail. Obama gave us the U.S. Government Seal of Approval as Too Big To Jail.”

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