The Chart That Really Scares The Government…

The Chart That Really Scares The Government…

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Strikes me as typical message board baloney.  “Socialism” = “whatever I don’t like.”  The word has long since lost any real meaning.  And all problems are the result of “whatever I don’t like.”  Not so enlightened overall.

Consider really why people don’t have children, in approximate order of importance:

1) No longer possible to give them a middle class standard of living, due to the scam of free trade which sent all the jobs to Chinese sweatshops.  That’s definitely not socialism.

2) Post-feminist women no longer want the whole responsibility of raising children, interfering with their careers and personal fulfillment.

3) Post-gender war family law is so extremely biased against men, that men wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that “fatherhood” = signing up for indentured servitude in return for the privilege of donating sperm.

Protest as you will, but to say gender war and socialism are the same thing just leaves words with no meaning.

4) Crime.  Who wants the stress of constant worry about a child who is not safe in a criminal society?  When we were young, children ran free, had fun, and no one worried.  Today people feel like they need to watch and protect their children every second.  And even then, the drug dealers might win in the end.

5) Tea Party and crony capital are waging war on the public schools, so you can no longer count on your child getting a good primary or secondary education.  And then there is the crony capitalist destruction of higher education.  So you can expect to end up broke with an uneducated child.  Proper fulfillment of your duties as a parent is impossible, so why get involved.  (Don’t see a lot of socialism there.)

6) The crony-capitalist health industry pirate brigade makes healthcare for your child crushingly expensive or perhaps unavailable.  (Don’t see a lot of socialism there.)

7) America is such a child-hostile culture, that as a parent you must endure constant dirty looks and hostile remarks.  Who wants that?  I know from deep personal experience.  I live expat in Asia, and my daughter is half’n’half.  Over here, everyone loves her and she gets tired of being pinched so much by strangers.  When we come back to America, white Americans only bitch that she is too loud.  Over here, children are everywere, and they are normal, noisy, happy, exuberant, and beloved.  They grow up with a glow and confidence that comes from knowing they are the most precious thing in their parents’ lives.  In America, children are a nuisance, barely tolerated, and shuffle along with slouching shoulders under a cloud that comes from doubting that anyone wants them.  That’s culture, not socialism.

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