Surreal News Du Jour: Spain, Turkey To Jointly Build An Aircraft Carrier

Surreal News Du Jour: Spain, Turkey To Jointly Build An Aircraft Carrier

In what has to be the most surreal “news” of the past 24 hours, we learned that Spain, caught in the vice of an unprecedented historic depression, endless “recovery” propaganda notwithstanding, and Turkey, the country whose currency crashed to record lows against the dollar a few short days ago and whose government has been defending itself from a tsunami of corruption allegations and busy firing all the judges who dare to voice disagreement with PM Erdogan, have decided to jointly build … wait for it … an aircraft carrier.

According to Bloomberg, the proposed ship will be similar to Spain’s Juan Carlos I aircraft carrier, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says in Ankara during a news conference with Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy, in which Rajoy repeated that Spain remains a big supporter of Turkey joining the EU even if Germany has repeatedly (and will continue to) say “nein.”

Erdogan added  that Spain’s Navantia and Turkey’s Sedef companies reached agreement on the project.

The PM also said that the ship will be built at Istanbul’s Tuzla dockyard, and will be a “strategic” asset for Turkey.

We can only assume that when it comes to epic, and epically idiotic, Keynesian boondoggles, Spain and Turkey have decided to take the torch from the US where two years ago we suggested that in order to “boost growth” the US should build an $852 quadrillion death star, an idea which subsequently got all the way to the petition stage and received a formal response from the US government.

However, before the whole demented project comes crashing and burning, we will read many articles about the thousands of jobs created and needed to build the carrier: something.

The only thing that was not clear is what the proposed name of the ship is. We propose: Distraction I.

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