Obamacare Plunges To New Lows: Presenting DogeCare

Obamacare Plunges To New Lows: Presenting DogeCare

First it was frat bros, then it was sluts, then it was Richard Simmons. Now, that the doge meme has arrived, Obamacare marketing desperation has just sunk to unfathomable lows. This is almost as bad as the Joseph A Bank vs Men’s Wearhouse M&A equivalent of the Jerry Springer show.

For the dumbfounded, Marketwatch explains.

The famous, or infamous depending on your viewpoint, “Doge” meme, featuring the picture of a dog with captions indicating he thinks in broken English, was borrowed by HHS in the above photo and put out over the agency’s Facebook page.

So instead of the “So scare” and “What r your doing?”  that we see on the original Doge, the HHS version says “Much affordable,” “Many coverage” and “So health insurance.”

That promptly elicited groans from those who visited. One mocked the broken English with: “Much desperate. Very pandering. Wow.” Another said: “I’ll need that healthcare because I just got cancer from this.” The lion’s share of those who commented were similarly unflattering.

One can only imagine how horrendous the sign up stats for the all imporant young demographic must be for the administration to have to resort to this.

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