Obama On The Merits Of Pot Versus Booze, Summarized In A Cartoon

Obama On The Merits Of Pot Versus Booze, Summarized In A Cartoon

Apparently fully content with the state of the economy, America’s foreign affairs in pristine shape requiring none of the president’s attention, and no golf course left untouched, Obama reverted to more important things over the weekend. Like the relative merits of pot and booze.

CNN summarized it as follows: “Marijuana, which is still placed in the same category as heroin, ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms by the federal government, is no more dangerous than alcohol, President Barack Obama said in an interview published Sunday. Speaking to New Yorker editor David Remnick, Obama said he still viewed pot smoking negatively – but that on the whole, the drug wasn’t the social ill that it’s been viewed as in the past.”

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol,” Obama told the weekly magazine.

The president said pot was actually less dangerous than alcohol “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.”

So, when it comes to the annals of presidential soundbites, FDR has “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”,  Teddy Roosevelt has “Speak softly and carry a big stick”, JFK has “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”, Harry Truman is in there with “The buck stops here”, Ronald Reagan has “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government ans I’m here to help”, and now Obama entered the history books with “I don’t think pot is more dangerous than alcohol.

But why read about it: here is a cartoon made by the Taiwanese animators which in 75 seconds tells you all you need to know, not the least of which is why America has fully succeeded in becoming the laughing stock of the world.

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