Obama Approval Rating Near Record Lows

Obama Approval Rating Near Record Lows

With an hour until yet another “most important speech of his Presidency”, we thought it useful to reflect on the nation’s support. While we already know the nation’s “representatives” were absolutely not behind him on the Syria vote, it appears the people themselves – poor lowly serfs though they are – are not approving in general. In fact, Obama’s approval rating is practically at all-time lows – and consequently disapproval near all-time highs. Will a ‘we-are-strong-but-diplomacy-won’ speech help tonight? Or will Obama press the ‘Strike’ and risk a further collapse in his approval (with 63% of Americans against getting involved in Syria)?

Chart: RealClearPolitics

The big question, of course, is – do the American people BFTD? or will all the Syria distractions be removed and we get back to NSA scandals?

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