Monday Humor: On The Insanity Of Fiat Money

Monday Humor: On The Insanity Of Fiat Money

Submitted by Brandon Smith of,

After working within the Liberty Movement and the field of alternative economics for several years, it is very easy to begin taking the whole of the world terribly serious, and forget the legitimate absurdity inherent in our culture.  I mean, really look at it for a moment, and ask yourself, what in the hell, exactly, are we doing? I’ve always tried to maintain at least a moderate sense of humor in my writing, and even I am finding it more and more difficult to simply laugh.  Even in the worst of times, humor is precious.  It is an exceedingly valuable tool in waking up the masses, and sometimes a thousand verifiable facts might not have the same effect as a single enlightened joke.

It is a fantastic thing for me whenever I discover someone working within an entertaining art form that is spreading the truth in their own special way.  Comedian Michael Connell from New Zealand is one of those entertainers.  He recently sent me the following stand-up routine, and I knew right away I had to share it.  Think fiat currency can’t be funny?  Watch this video and enjoy:

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