Meanwhile In Hawaii… Your Taxpayer Dollars Hard At Work

Meanwhile In Hawaii… Your Taxpayer Dollars Hard At Work

On a serious note, looks like the internation flight rules will become more in tow like the US:

Outbreaks of air rage aboard international flights have been on the rise and now, the industry is considering new rules, CBS 2?s Cindy Hsu reported…….

In the U.S. the numbers tell a different story. Despite some high-profile cases instances of air rage and unruly passengers have decreased.

The decrease has come partly because of how the industry classifies the incidents and because of what happens when a passenger breaks the law.

“The traveling public here is conditioned to the security environment that we’re in. People know not to misbehave on aircraft because the consequences are more severe,” the American Aviation Institute’s Joshua Marks said.

In March, the International Air Transport Association plans to propose rule changes that would bring global laws in line with U.S. regulations.

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