Market Idiocy Full Frontal: Round Three

Market Idiocy Full Frontal: Round Three

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Short MYRA right here, right now.  A move like that is just not sustainable.

Back in 1999 and early 2000 you could make some real coin in penny stocks.  That is one major difference between this circus and the last one – many more small playahs walking the Midway.  E-Trade pushing $500 starter accounts.  Step right up.

I had a OTC.BB stock, non-invasive mammogram test, company based in SLC.  I got a tip from someone on a message board, the stock moved and I made a month’s salary in one session.  I was floating 3″ off the ground.  I had been trading all of 3 weeks.  I thought I was a genius, I was born again.  Women around me on the bus felt the magnetic pull.

The very next day, I gave 1.5 month’s salary right back.  I had forgotten to hit the sell button.  I ended up having what I later diagnosed to be a bonafide nervous breakdown, sold the rest of my positions, closed my account, shaved my head and spent two 2000 summer months in Thailand and Cambodia.  Now look at me.

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