MaN On A HeDGe…

MaN On A HeDGe…

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You know what. The bottom, bottom line is it’s not not a fucking joke for us all to laugh at. If it was simply a fucking joke I would not be wasting my time.

I have many friends who are in and out the business. And believe it or not, they are patting me on the back and egging me on. “Wall Street” has become one big shit hole (or cesspit as the English say) and I challenge you or anyone else to try to explain otherwise.

Or perhaps it was always a big shit hole and it took me a while to realise it.  I am pleased to report that in all my years in finance I never once got involved in any of the bullshit we now see unraveling before our disbelieving eyes. Every corner of the big bracket banking business is severely polluted.

Some poor kid jumped today. I feel badly for him. But I also feel very very badly for all the other countless suffering sheep who have been forced to take their own lives or suffer financial ruin as a result of the economic wasteland brought to us by the scumbags and thieves running the show.

I speak for them as well.

As for all the miserables, or functionaries as you call them, who are suffering as you say, working under the tyranny of pinstriped swinders in bespoke Sayville Row threads and John Lobb shoes, they need to go and take a long look in a mirror. 

It is never, never too late.

To this WilliamBanzai7 will attest.

Finally, I think we all know who the real “fuckers” are. The sooner they jump the better.

Just a few bad fucking apples indeed Mr Dimon.

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