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Live Futures and Forex Trading – Weekly Trading

By February 6, 2015No Comments

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So far this week we have seen quite an amount of volatility in the markets.  Starting out with oils run back up into the 50’s.  In tandem with the squeeze on the USD, and rally in oil producing countries such as CAD, and AUD.  Not to mention hugely volatile days in the S&P 500 with 20-40 point days occurring regularly in the last couple months.  There has been some wild action in the markets this week and it likely isn’t over yet.   Euro zone is miles away from any kind of economic settling, Japan and Euro zone QE is off and away, and don’t think we have heard the last of Russia or China either.


AUD/NJD Trading

Looking at this pair I think we are looking at a longer term short.  This pair has been trading down for a long time and just had a bit of a bounce on the daily / weekly time frame.  We see a classic flag pattern in the price action and also the MA’s have fallen into a triple death cross formation on the daily chart now as well.  I am looking to short this pair with multiple entries and looking for targets in the 1.0250 – 1.0350 area in the next couple weeks.






GBP/USD Trading

GBP/USD saw a large move back to the upside this week.  Taking back over 300 pips since the beginning of the weeks trading.   Right now price is testing the long term resistive trend line and is also the area of the 50MA on the daily.  Careful buying here as the trend line will likely show big resistance unless price moves quickly through it, I will be looking for the possible test back to support.  It price does move through then the 1.5500 area will be the next area to watch for on the upside.




USD/CAD Trading

The CAD took back a small bit of it’s recent losses on the USD this week.  The USD has traded back to the 1.2440 area from its highs of 1.2800 against the Loonie.   If a larger retracement on the move is due, the 1.20 – 1.21 area is where things could go from here.

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