“Krimea Kerry” Caption Contest

“Krimea Kerry” Caption Contest

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Jump forward to one week prior to mid term elections. An ass sucking report is interviewing Kerry trying to improve the sinking administration approval numbers. Russia has marched through Ukraine, Slovakia, Northern Italy, France, Spain and Putin is vacationing on the newly occupied coast of Portugal.

REPORTER: Mr. Secretary of State you gave Mr. Putin an ultimadum to alter his course of action prior to Monday, March 17 before his military moved full force into Ukraine. Looking back, do you think that was an effective approach?

KERRY: I’ll take exception to your question. The US and our allies never specified which Monday was determined as deadline for Mr. Putin to alter his course. In fact he could decide by next Monday to fully retreat to his original borders and the our diplomacy would prove to be effective.

The reporter breaks away to converse with Chris Mathews, “Chris this is just another shining example of how this young, brilliant, scratch golfer and his sterling administration has shined on the World stage and provided needed global leadership.”

MATHEWS: I just popped a boner.

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