Humpday Humor: Hitler Is No Longer A Permabull

Humpday Humor: Hitler Is No Longer A Permabull

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Furor: The state of being furious; an emotional and physical reaction to injustices either real or imagined; the calling up of energy stores from within the human spirit and body to affect physical harm against a person, group, or other threat due to violations of core beliefs against the party; or the one; so inclined to FURY…

Well, pilgrim, I know what sarcasm is. It’s a bitter joke, played at the expense of the recipient, in order to purposely degrade, harass, or otherwise demean an individual or group based upon their actions, statements, or beliefs.

YES, it is time for a FUROR in this nation and around the world, in order that things be controlled and mitigated before the total destruction of millenia of achievement due to the lusts and greed and arrogance of a selected few. The comment you have responded to is actually called a ‘play on words’, making a statement that sounds like something, but actually is denoting a different meaning entirely, by changing the spelling of a key word in the phrase or sentence.

Can you tell if THIS is sarcasm? SERIOUSLY?

Well, I’m not gonna hitchah for being stupid…

The HELL I won’t!

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