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How Putin Prepares For The Winter Olympics

By February 4, 2014No Comments

JustObserving's picture  As the Olympics approach, the attacks on Russia get more puerile and more desperate.  Is it payback for granting asylum to Snowden or for Putin stopping the Syrian war that Obama lied and lusted for ? Why Not Stop Attacking Russia?

Compared to the situation in 2000, the progress made by Russia until 2010 is remarkable: the social product has doubled, foreign trade has quadrupled, debts abroad are reduced to one-sixth of their initial value, wages have increased 2.5 times after inflation, annuities tripled, the poverty rate has fallen by more than half, unemployment has gone from 10% to 7%, the number of births increased by 40 %, deaths have decreased by 10%, infant deaths fell by 30%, life expentancy increased by 5 years, the crime rate has decreased by 10%, murders fell by 50% and suicides by 40%, alcohol poisoning fell by more than 60%.

The “West” was not eager to help. On the contrary, the means used to attempt to break Russia became less obvious but even more treacherous. And whoever dared to openly challenge these attempts by promoting countermeasures, as in the case of the Russian government for many years, was very unpopular in the West.

Mainstream Western media have played and still play an increasingly doubtful role in this campaign against Russia. While the policy of the European Union, especially Germany, slides on two parallel tracks because of economic necessity and attempts to combine anti-Russian rhetoric with profitable economic relations, it does not hold true for the unbridled media.

Contrary to what they do in the case of China, a country that is courted because of its economic performance (and the extent of its market), the Western media disclose only and permanently negative information about about Russia. This campaign reached such intensity that the unwary media consumer can only think ill of this country. The negatives cover all areas of life and aim to bring back most of the old prejudices against Russia.