GuNG Hei Fa CHoi! (GoNG Xi Fa Cai)!

GuNG Hei Fa CHoi! (GoNG Xi Fa Cai)!

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if i may for one moment be perfectly serious:  that top image is so special that it’s spooky.  that, my friend, is (in my judgement) a real keeper.  that’s the kind of image that first tickles the funny-bone and then goes straight to the gut; and it stays there for a while.  i still feel it stirring in me.

i’m gonna go hang out with my boys for a while…but i would be remiss if i didn’t do something in homage of this post (and i can’t stand being remiss).  congrats on this one, my brother.  that is truly special.  piercing, sparse, witty and poignant.  in other words, Art.

big bank clock chimes/

off the sleepy front porch lights,


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