Friday Humor: Is It Racist? Microsoft Office Edition

Friday Humor: Is It Racist? Microsoft Office Edition

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If you seek an idiot, please look in the mirror.

The word “Oriental”, meaing “of the East”, is no more offensive or racist or ethno-centric than the (less commonly used) word “Occidental”, meaning “of the West”, pertaining to Europeans and their descendants wherever found in the world.

EVERY Oriental or person of Oriental heritage whom I know either refers to themself as Oriental, or else is indifferent to the term.  However, some of them DO take some offense at being called “Asian” when “Oriental” is really meant, as they rightfully acknowledge that the Orient does not constitute ALL of Asia.

And anyway, you PC dipshit, what does it matter, and how is it some kind of offense, if the word “Oriental” WERE ethno-centric in regards to Europeans and their descendants?  I have news for you, asshole: MANY of the words various ethnic groups around the world use to refer to themselves translate as “The People”, or “The Real People”implying that all those of other tribes or ethnicities are somehow not “real people”.  Yet I have never heard anyone from outside these groups take offense at this linguistic habit.

It is ONLY on the hyper-PC West Coast of the USA that I have ever encountered this ignorant “Asian=Oriental” nonsense.  Please take your politically-correct obfuscations and redefinitions and shove them up your PC ass.

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