Five Years Of Hard Work By The Federal Reserve

Five Years Of Hard Work By The Federal Reserve

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Mrs. Cog and I both seem to have writers block. 🙂

It only rained twice during the summer, once for 25 days and another time for 35 days. We are still scraping mold off all surfaces including each other. Since we weren’t even able to turn soil in our new garden until June 19th, the late start date plus all the rain turned everything we grew into an experiment. Wait until next year.

I have just (nearly) finished what turned out to be a massive repair and renewal of our home’s electrical system as well as a complete wiring of the walk out basement with lights and outlets everywhere one would ever want one. This included external lights and a standby propane powered generator.

I decided to go with a separate 16 circuit electrical panel/transfer switch with the generator rather than a whole house transfer switch because of a funky 200/400 amp electrical service feeding the house and various out buildings. Because I located the generator 40 feet from the house and the transfer switch/16 critical circuit panel 15 feet from the main distribution panel there was a whole lot of 2″ conduit that needed to be buried/hung and wire to pull and circuits to transfer. Amazingly it all worked the first time and there wasn’t even any smoke or fire.

We purchased our own 325 gal propane tank as well as the regulators and installation. While hooking up the Generator for propane we stubbed a propane line into the house for future use. Why not since the propane installation crew was already here? Having propane stubbed into the house opens up an entirely new set of options regarding heating and cooking. We bought all the equipment rather than leased it so we are beholden to no particular gas company for our supply. If things get really bad from inflation/collapse we want the freedom to purchase propane from anyone.

Mrs. Cog has turned into a canning machine, but says she is not addicted and can stop at any time. I’d decided that if I can keep her from buying new canning jars she can’t “can” anymore. Then I caught her slipping a note and $100 to a visiting neighbor asking for a secret infusion of mason jars and I realized all hope was lost. But her canned salsa and chicken soup is to die for so what the hell, can away honey. 

No new visits from the bear or bobcat, but we have now met all our immediate neighbors and some not so immediate…..immediate being a relative term when you live on a dirt road off a dirt road off a back road in the middle of nowhere. As soon as I have shortened the honey-do list from 3 pages to 2 I will try to get a longer update out. But for now I am trying to make hay while the sun still shines. Winter is just around the corner and we have officially fired up the new water wood stove. Heating season is upon us.

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