Does America winning the Currency war?

Does America winning the Currency war?

And knowing Gold and silver are creating new low again and again, because US Dollars value go up…. we need to see where’s the next turning point in the Dollars, so Gold and silver can get a break!

Few weeks ago, I was thinking by touching the red down trend line at 89$, dollars will go down and gold up….I was wrong. Since it did not happen, I start to look for the next turning point, witch will be at the “orange line”. at 96-97$ on this chart.


silverOn this chart Silver is at 2000price, witch it’s equivalent to 15.5$ currency price.

The fat red line, represent very strong resistance, if silver go below this trend line, the next ressitance will be at about 9$ and then 5$/oz

I’m sure people think I’m crazy to see Silver that low…and saying this is impossible… but not long time ago, when silver was at 25-20$…many people was also seeing im crazy to see silver drop at 15$ price range.

GC 02-15 (Weekly)  Week 20_2012 - Week 1_2015<– this is a quick Gold chart where you can see how Silver and Gold are struggling to stay above the present bottom price.

By being in a pennant..we should see the next long term direction very soon.

For Gold Price target and direction, see past Blog post, by Joel Wissing.



Natural gaz History ChartSince I know some people who are looking to buy Natural Gaz right now because they think it’s over sold. I decide to get this chart , where they could see in a very long term the Natural gaz price movement.

If you analyse properly…you will understand, that see Natural Gaz at 3.3$ is not a big deal so far.. and the bottom price , it’s at about 2.2$, when it touche the Green Trend line ( bull Trend)


Oh Ya ! let’s go back on US Dollars , Oil, Gold and Silver….next movement…

oil price vs dollarsYou have to understand…the reason why US Dollars keep moving Up, it’s because oil price get cheaper and cheaper. And everyone know the reason it’s because of OPEC ( created by United State with the Petro-Dollars) who are doping Oil price on purpose, to please USA…  And knowing Arabic Saudi are loosing a lot of money right now, true cheap oil… the day they will decide to bring the Oil price back to the tops, USA will start to loose the currency war… The key question it’s if it will happen soon enough, before we see gold and Silver, going so low, so it won’t go back any time soon to create new all time highs.

make-it-simpleLet’s Simplify all this information!

They important think to understand is :

  • When US Dollars going UP, Gold and Silver price going Down.
  • To change Gold and Silver price, to go Up again, you need to change US dollars, present momentum.
  • to change US Dollars Momentum,( go down), you need to change the cause of US Dollars going Up, witch it’s OPEC decision to bring the Oil Price down on purpose.

Two know what to do… Watch OPEC release news


oil Crude oil is testing a strong Bullish Trend ( green line). And it’s why we can see Oil price stop at 50-55$.  We could see it go back to 80-82$, and then retest the Bullish trend line. This will give a break for pretty much every country who export oil.

If ever they succeed to break 50-55$ range, this will be catastrophic for everyone, are a world recession may start. And the bottom price will be at 40$

If…again , we break the 40, next price range will be 40-20 and this is very bad, since it can stay in this range for very long time.

But since it’s the OPEC who control the Crude Oil price, and it’s more a political game between Russia, USA, and Arab Saudi ( witch are loosing a lot’s of money right now in this game)…I really don’t think anyone will consider to drop Oil under 40$..

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