Carl Icahn Does The Apple Tweet-Pump

Carl Icahn Does The Apple Tweet-Pump

Almost exactly one day ago, when we noted that Icahn Enterprises has just sold a new batch of bonds, we predicted that the billionaire activist would follow through with a fresh volley of tweets:

And sure enough, less than 24 hours later, here comes the now well-known Icahn Tweet-pump

So, Icahn now has $500 million less in future AAPL purchasing power and is merely looking for piggybackers to take his exit-basis higher?

That said, good luck Carl: we realize it is an “ego thing” to not only go activist on the biggest public company out there, but bend it to your will – after all what else can one possibly want to put on their tombstone – but this one will take a whole lot more than just a few hollow “highly confident letters” from Jefferies  to get over the hump.

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