Business Opportunity | How to make money online

Business Opportunity | How to make money online

It seems that recently, more and more people are looking to manage their own money. With over 75% of money managers loosing money for their clients it is not surprising to see such a big shift away from Mutual funds and investing accounts. If you are interested in taking responsibility for your money and your financial future Join the Montreal day traders for a this very special Day trading course. The Money Maker Edge day trading group has created a community in many cities around Canada and the United States. A community that supports each other to learn and survive the learning required to make money in the markets.

Join us for this three day event where you will experience of the most unique high impact learning environments where you will get a break through to trading and being responsible for your money. We have a highly interactive training with three amazing activities that will lock your ability to transcend your walls, take responsibility for your money and work through the 5 competencies of a trader. On our road to mastery you will learn to manage your risk and the way to make it through your own learning curve to make money.

This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks a trader will face, surviving their own learning until they can break into their own Mastery. This is what we call the Money Maker’s Edge.

mme Trade Journal cover small Business Opportunity | How to make money onlineday trading course 2 Some of the things we cover in the live:

• Price and Direction – how can you see it and make money from it
• Trade Strategy – a written strategy
• How to set daily targets is it based on money or market?
• When to trade and when not to trade
• Trading plan – again, a written one.
• How to let the trades come to you.
• Trading with targets and how to manage risk.
• How to get your income, wealth and freedom trading.
• How to spot the highest probability trade for you.
• Business strategy
• Trade rules
• Recording and quantifying results and keeping a trade journal
• Mastering your strategy
• The real working s of the market place and how to use these to your advantage.
• The difference between direction and hope

• And More!

If you would like more information about our three day training, please call 866-640-3737 and leave your name and number.

Learning how to day trade can be as rewarding as it is challenging.  There is a great group of traders to support you.  Please join us.

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