American Jobs (In One Cartoon)

American Jobs (In One Cartoon)

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“Maybe some substance abusing parents just don’t feed their kids. Not that they don’t need it, they just misuse it. Kids get screwed.”

Horseshit.  While I’m aware it happens, that’s a number I DO believe is “a tiny fraction.”  Mal-nourished kids being brought into emergency rooms near death or being ratted out by neighbors’ calls to police or family services is a tiny number and has been tiny for a long time.  

Almost everyone who has dropped out of the labor force has gone immediately onto a government entitlement program of one form or another.  Whether it’s early retirement into SS, swapping an unemplyment check for a disability check or just dropping out and going on the government dole for the non-aged (welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing), they’re on an entitement program.  No problem, if you factor out that the rest of us working and paying taxes are CARRYING those people on our backs, while still caring for our own families, including aging parents in many cases.

And here’s what really irks me: the standards for checking eligibility for those programs are LOWER than they were when the programs were first set up, back in the 60s and 70s.  In fact, there is effectively NO eligibility verification going on AT ALL.  (I’ll note the current administration has actively worked to make this so.  Ref. welfare employment eligibility qualifications being swept aside by executive order, totally against the law).

Government entitlement programs today are running under the same standards as the “liar loan” mortage market was in 2005.  The consequences will be just as heavy.

There is no way I’m going to sit here and say it’s OK for huge amounts of fraud to exist right under my nose because this time it’s “for the children” and can’t be called out for what it is.  NO. FUCKING. WAY.

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