American “Exceptionalism” (In One Cartoon)

American “Exceptionalism” (In One Cartoon)

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He’s only paid that one visit to Israel…the one where “Europe” tried to pull the rug out from underneath American Diplomacy only to have it end in a fiatsco called “Cyprus.”

And when he got to Israel he shoved the phone in Bibi’s face and told him “say your sorry to Erdogan” which in fact Netanyahu did do.

I have been watching this whole Puerto Rico thing closely…especially after the catastrophic visit to Detroit post election.

No…I think the President follows quite well in long of politicians who are at the end of the day…politicians.

I do agree his numbers are not good.
His numbers are quite bad actually.

Wall Street moonshotting here while the rest of us starve and freeze to death does not help either…especially with a home base called “Chicago.”

My understanding polling data wise the only institution Americans have any faith in anymore is the military. And of course…”when you get elected you get to serve in the one place that has the highest concentration of military people on earth.”

So, yeah…”Wall Street has a lot of work to do here too.”
They’ve paid themselves well…probably better than ever this go around…but to say the American people haven’t shared in this bounty is like saying “Uncle Joe Stalin was really just a laid back guy.”

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