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A Virtual Conversation With Edward Snowden – Live Feed

By March 10, 2014No Comments

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Well, dood, since it wasn’t an NSA op, very likely he couldn’t access the files on it, duuuuuh!!!!

But obvious to the rest of us (with functioning neurons), one of the three business entities which profited directly from it, the Blackstone Group, is today America’s number one landlord.

What a coincidency, huh?  (The other two were AIG and Veritas Capital.)

Speaking of coincidences . . . .

Isn’t it interesting that we find Jonas Bonnier, head of Bonnier AB, attending the 2012 Bilderberger meeting, during the time frame when the Bonnier family is aiding and abetting governmental forces (both USA and Sweden) in going after WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, just as in 2013, after the suicide of Aaron Swartz, we find his acting attorney and mentor, Lawrence Lessig, attending the Bilderberger meeting in Switzerland, along with senior executives from Palantir Technology and Stratfor?

So, Jonas Bonnier, of one of the top ten media companies, Bonnier AB, whose family has successfuly aided and abetted the containing of Julian Assange (being forced to hole up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London crimps anyone’s style) and Lawrence Lessig successfully contains Aaron Swartz (nothing more containing than a suicide) and both appear next at those Bilderberger meetings.  Such is life?

Too many have forgotten the details surrounding the operation against Assange, so the three links below (especially the report by Nordic News Network) should explain things considerably.

Virtually everyone who went after and targeted Assange, including those so-called media members, were directly connected to the Bonnier family, one of the ten top media groups on the planet, and the Rupert Murdoch-type family of Sweden. (The one exception was Sofia Wilen, the younger of the two women who originally went to the police. She later pulled out and expressed regret about the entire situation; she had been coerced into becoming involved by the older of the two women, Anna Ardin (one of her several aliases, who was involved in various conservative religious organizations and formerly once worked with Swedish military intelligence). Both the two attorneys are connected to the Bonnier family, one whose sister works for one of their companies, and the other (formerly Minister of Justice at the time when the CIA illegally “extreme renditioned” several Arab-Swedes, later to be found innocent by the Swedish courts, and financially remunerated for the crimes against them) publishes his novels through one of their companies.

Anna Ardin also was (and may still be) an employee of one of the Bonnier publications.

Assange was first approached by representatives of a Bonnier tabloid for exclusive publication rights, but he declined.