522 Days (And Counting) Without A 20% Correction…

522 Days (And Counting) Without A 20% Correction…

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how is it fraudulent?

Every US economic statistic is manipulated to suit the markets.

How does the US deliver such outstanding GDP growth with a labor participation rate that is the lowest since 1978?

The answer is simple. Just manipulate the inflation rate lower and you get higher GDP.

The US Bureau of labor Statistics uses a variety of techniques including hedonics and substitution to manipulate the inflation rate lower. So if the price of cars has gone up by say, 10%, then one can attribute 70% of the increase due to improved quality and so the inflation rate for cars falls from 10% to 3%. The GDP rises by the 7% hedonic adjustment of the price of the car.  This technique is especially potent for computers since their speed and storage capacity increase a lot every year. Some quarters, 80% of US GDP growth was due to hedonic adjustment of computer prices.

So this US GDP growth is just a mirage manufactured by mendacious managers of the US economy.

Shadowstats has alternate inflation charts which show US inflation 3% to 6% higher. This means that real growth in the US economy has been zero or negative for quite a while. And the labor participation rate reflects that reality:


labor participation rate chart:


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